Monday, December 5, 2011

Part time Holiday Jobs for Lady Priests

Buying Christmas presents is expensive, especially for the toddler who has everything and needs to keep up appearances. The kid needs to look good, so I have been thinking about picking up some side work during the holidays. Here are my ideas:

1. Be a store Santa, but insist on dressing like St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra (you know, pointy hat and cope). When children undoubtedly give you strange looks, insist that they give their presents away. Tell the children the interesting and strange tales and various legends of Nicholas, and give out golden chocolate coins until the store manager fires you.

2. Become a store fragrance spritzer, but use incense instead. Pick out a lovely frankincence and fire up the thurible.

3. Be a greeter at a store, but before anyone can get very far into the store, direct them back outside to give money to the Salvation Army Bucket until the store manager fires you.

4. Give tours at historic homes and point out good spots to put an oratory.

5. You could do sales and ask the customers before they complete their purchases if they really need all that.

6. You could also be a store decorator, but insist on only using the color blue. It might be just trendy enough that the store manager does not fire you, but eventually someone will catch on.

I have many ideas, but as I read through my list, it becomes clear to me that my heart might not be in part time work. Maybe I am not as interested in filling up my shopping cart this Christmas. Perhaps my time would be better spent than my money.

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  1. Love the post, yet i will not give to the salvation army...I find them a pretty tough one to give to